Access Directory - Submission Guideline

List your site with keywords integrated in the title.
One-time listing fee of $35 - refundable for declined listings. is a directory of the world wide web. We fully understand your online marketing requirements and encourage you to list your websites with keywords integrated in the title. Why will you pay for listing of your site in a directory if they won't let you list to your benefit or advantage? However, do not use adjectives like the best, exceptional, the first, number one, the only, so on and so forth in your listing. Let the visitors judge on their own whether you really are so. Neither should you use all caps in the listing.

Listing Submission

Select and go to the most appropriate category and submit your site. Suggest a new category or sub-category if your site is not covered by the existing categories. Listing cost is a one-time fee of $35 which is refundable should we decline your listing. Listings are approved (or declined) in about 48 hours. Refunds are made in about 2 working days after refusal of listing.

Website Language

Submissions are accepted only in English from sites that are in the English language or have an English version of their sites available. Do not waste your and our time submitting sites in other languages. These will be rejected and no refund will be made.

Editing Listings

We reserve the right to edit the submitted listings and/or change their categories before approval or later should it become necessary. Once reviewed and listed, no refund will be made under any circumstance. You can check your listing by typing-in your domain name without extension e.g. accessdirectory (not in the search box.

At our discretion, your listing may be deleted if your domain name expires, or the title and description published in our directory is no more relevant to the content of your website, or the content of your website becomes unsuitable for listing in our directory, or your website ceases to exist. No refund will be made if your listing is deleted for any of these reasons.

Should your listing need to be ammended, send an e-mail to us. Copy and paste the listing as it appears on our site and submit the ammended listing in the e-mail itself as you want it to be published.